CleverMat™ Cat Litter Catcher Mat

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No more cat litter around the house! CleverMat ™ makes cleaning much easier!


 Time Saving - Reduce the time you spend vacuuming and sweeping by up to 5X. Our mat constantly collects scattered cat litter and the mat's soft bumps design prevents litter tracking.
 Trapped Litters and Re-Use - Soft honeycomb design and textured surface catch litters of cat kicked out or stuck to furry paws. Litters fall through to the second layer instead of getting pushed off onto the floor and can easily transfer back to the litter box. It is safe and comfortably soft for your kitty’s paws.
 Easy to Clean - One way open edge allows for easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off. And just spread the edge out, you can easily pour the unused litter back into the cat litter box by lifting the lightweight mat.
 Cat's New Toy -The mat also can be used as a scratcher, which offers fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage.
 Water Resistant Layer - The premium water-proof bottom layer keeps wooden floor dry, it is also lightweight, durable and anti-slip as well as foldable for easy storage. An extra urine pad can be added for more convenient cleaning.
 Perfect Size and Color - You can choose the right size and color that suits your pet.

Size Chart

 Size Centimeters Inches
S 30x30 12x12
M 40x50 16x20
L 45x60 18x24
XL 55x75 22x30

(Sizes may vary slightly)



Lightweight non-toxic EVA foam rubber


Gray, Brown, Black, Blue, Pink

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