SuperComb™ Self-Cleaning Pet Grooming Comb

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This Grooming Comb can help you remove your pet's hair in gently and easily way!


 Ergonomic & gentle - handle-less design which fits nicely in the palm of your hand allowing the dog to remain calm while gently & easily removing excess hair.
 Easy to clean - SuperComb™ is like 2 combs in one brush. This pet brush features 3 Stainless Steel non-cutting-edge blades that are retractable for easy cleaning.
 Works on all breeds - Works on small, medium and large breed dogs. It also works on Cats and Horses.



SuperComb™ is MUST have for every pet owner.

Having a pet brings joy and light to your home but also drowns your favorite couch and all your carpets in shed cat or dog fur, cleaning which could be a bigger challenge. Introducing the SuperComb™ that makes combing your pet an easy task, and that too without hurting it!

Grooming your pet is not just essential to its health, but loose fur stuck in every nook of your house (furniture, bed, carpet, food, etc.) It can be detrimental to your sanity as well. SuperComb™ is a state-of-the-art grooming comb that helps you get loose strands of fur, tangles, dirt, and dander, while also improving blood-circulation and redistributing hair oil. Ideal self-cleaning dog comb for your happy doggo!

Leave behind the headache, removing up to 95% of dead hair and tangles from your cat and dog easily!



Plastic, Stainless Steel


5.71" x 2.71" / 14.5 cm x 5.5 cm

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